Got a virus from a copy of VMP? Read This!

November 12, 2007

Hey all. i have just been informed that their are links on the net that are ‘legimate’ copies of VMP, but are Trojan horses in disguise. please follow these tips to ensure that you have a virus-free experience with VMP:

1)Don’t EVER use google to locate my software! the links are here and here alone!!!!!!

2) There are NOT any enhancements for my software and there NEVER will be!

3) Only use the links from here. but also make sure that the link here has the ‘VistaMagicPack X.XX’ (with X being the version). Is is NOT spelled ‘VMPX.XX’, ‘VistaMPX.XX’, or anything like that, AND IT WILL NEVER BE!

4) NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, download from the comment section unless I, the ONLY ADMIN, is commenting. Actually, i NEVER will put links in the comments section. ONLY IN POSTS!!!!!

5) If you DO get a virus from a copy of my software, send it to me at . I will post info about it in here. BE SURE IN YOUR MAIL TO USE ‘VMP VIRUS’ AS THE SUBJECT SO I KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOURE TALKING ABOUT! DONT ABUSE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


Hero Of Time


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