Here’s the links to all of the Hero Of Time Program Lab’s projects

VMP(VistaMagicPack)(now available on and in Spanish!):

VMP-Visualize Forums

EssEX Web Browser Plus is now whatNET. Old versions of EssEX can be found at

PatchItNow!(Uxtheme.dll patcher[run this program before running VMP]):


9 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. […] To unload VistaMagicPack 3,0 Simply chooses what you want to install and you will be able to accede to a writing-desk totally renewed, ready to seem of century XXI. […]

  2. kflakes15 said

    is it possible once this is downloaded and applied to change back to the regulare windows xp format
    i need some hlep with that

  3. jordandawson said

    ur links dont work….save file takes way to long and when it does it says it can not find it. is broken a link.and download .com when they save to ur desktop it says curropted folder please email if u fix it….. it sounds great tho

  4. jordandawson said

    is broken a link……typo……… a boken link it says 404 forrbiddeen can not find server web page

  5. herooftime said

    i am going to update links soon.


    Hero Of Time

  6. […] VistaMagicPack 5.0 is a simple program that will change your XP interface to look like the new Windows Vista! This program includes themes and some 3rd party programs that will make your Vista experience even better! Some updates include adding to the theme, adding new themes, and adding new programs. […]

  7. andresvi84 said

    ok super

  8. junj88 said


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